Elf On the Shelf

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Mom Shaved Her Son’s Head For Elf On The Shelf Prank

This Mom Went All Out On The Pranks This Year

December 18, 2019

Some parents go all out when it comes to the Elf on the Shelf. This mom wanted to surprise her little one with the funniest prank ever. 

Amanda Johns enlisted the help of her oldest son to help make this elf prank extra special. She wanted to shave the word 'Elf' on the back of her son's head so when his little sister would wake up and find the elf she would be shocked. 

The two planned out the prank a week in advance so her son could grow out his hair a little bit more. Johns told Caters News Agency her son Lyestn, didn’t have any problem with the prank. 

“He is the best big brother and will do anything to make his little sister smile, she looks forward to the Elf’s antics every morning.”

Amanda said her daughter was blown away by the surprise their elf had left her older brother. Johns says putting in all the work for the Elf on the shelf is completely worth it to see her daughters face light up every morning. 

Via: New York Post