Sleeping Baby

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Mom Freaks Out When She Sees A Ghost On The Baby Monitor Sleeping Next To Her Child

October 24, 2019

This is what nightmares are made of. 

Mom Maritza Cibuls had just put her baby down to sleep. Before going to bed herself, she took one last look at the baby monitor and couldn’t shut her eyes after what she saw. 

She saw what looked like another baby in the crib. The first thing that came to Maritza's mind was that there was a ghost next to her sleeping child. She took a flashlight and went into the room to investigate. 

When she walked over to the crib, Maritza saw that the covers had been pulled off and showed the label sticker that featured a baby. Her husband forgot to peel the sticker off when he changed out the sheets.

Maritza took a picture of the baby monitor and the crib and posted her story on Facebook. This image would have given any mother a heart attack, check out her post below. 

Via: Fox 4 News