Brady Singer

Photo by John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS/Sipa USA

Kansas City Royals Prospect Pays Off All Of His Parents Debt

December 26, 2018

That’s one way to say thank you. 

In the first round of the draft, the Kansas City Royals picked up pitcher Brady Singer. As a signing bonus, Singer was given $4.25 million. With all that money from his new job singer was able to afford the ultimate surprise gift. 

On Christmas morning, he recorded video of his parents opening their gift. Singer simply gave his parents a letter, letting them know what he intended to do with some of the money he received this year. 

Little did they know that their son had paid off all of their debt. Singers letter read, "Thank you for everything you've done to help me reach my dreams. There's absolutely no way I could have done all this by myself. Both of you constantly took off of work and spent every dime you made just to put a smile on my face. My smile and appreciation for both of you has never stopped and it never will." 

Singers mother was stunned and began crying when she read that he had paid off their debt. Singer posted the video of his parents opening the letter on Twitter; so far it has been viewed over 6 million times. 

What a great gift from your children. Check out the emotional video below. 

Via: USA Today