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James Hetfield Calls Fan That Used Metallica To Scare Off Cougar

Dee Gallant Recently Used ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ To Scare Off Wild Cougar

August 7, 2019

The world recently learned all that’s needed to scare off a cougar is Metallica. Now, the woman that made this discovery has received a call from the man that helped save her; James Hetfield. The Metallica frontman gave Dee Gallant a call after hearing about her viral story and her request for a call to thank Hetfield.

Canadian woman, Dee Gallant, was walking her dog in British Colombia when she came across a cougar. “I looked over to the right and there it was. I couldn’t make it out at first and thought, ‘Oh that is a strange color, that’s not a tree,’” she said of the encounter. When the cougar wouldn’t leave, she decided to try some loud music to scare it, specifically Metallica.

Gallant played the song ‘Don’t Tread On Me,’ and it was loud enough to scare off the cougar. Speaking on Metallica, Gallant said she would “love to contact (Metallica) someday and tell James Hetfield that he saved my life.” Now she has gotten her wish, as James Hetfield contacted her after hearing about the story.

After the surprise call form James Hetfield, Gallant said “It’s surreal how quickly it happened and how far it’s gone. The fact that he’s so down to earth and such a great person, I’m very pleased to find that out first-hand.” As for Hetfield, I’m sure he was thrilled to learn the value of his music.

Via Alt Press