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Fleetwood McDonalds Employees Get To Meet Fleetwood Mac Thanks To Online Campaign

Staff Members At The McDonalds In Fleetwood, England Were Invited By The Band To A Sold Out Show

June 19, 2019

Working at McDonald’s in Fleetwood, a town in Lancashire, England, comes with some great benefits; like getting to meet Fleetwood Mac. After an event page on Facebook went viral, calling for Fleetwood Mac lead singer, Stevie Nicks, to work a shift at the Fleetwood McDonalds, the band decided to invite the staff to one of their shows.

It all began when thousands of Facebook users joined the Facebook group by “Be Reet,” which led to a petition with 20,000 signatures for Stevie Nicks to head to Fleetwood for her shift at McDonalds. While Nicks didn’t take up the opportunity to work at McDonalds, the band decided to invite the Fleetwood McDonalds staff to their sold out show at Wembley Stadium.

The concert took place on Tuesday, as the McDonalds crew got a chance to hang with Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and the rest of the bad, before getting to watch the show from the side of the stage. According to Nigel Dunnington, the Fleetwood McDonalds franchisee, “I’m still amazed the band got in touch – we’re lucky our restaurant shares a name with such an iconic band.”

While the Fleetwood McDonalds had nothing to do with the online petition, Dunnington still used the opportunity to invite Fleetwood Mac to come work at the Fleetwood McDonalds. Maye one day we’ll get to see Stevie Nicks flipping burgers, but until then the Fleetwood McDonalds will continue to sell sweet little fries.