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McDonald Customer Claims Employee Tried To Poison Him

May 22, 2018

Lee Graves claims a McDonalds employee attempted to poison him with a bleach pod. Graves says he was initially given the wrong sized cup after ordering a large drink at a Westside McDonald's on Thursday morning.

An honest mistake right?

Graves told WPTV that, "The girl hands me a small Coke and as I'm talking on the phone I politely whisper to her, 'ma'am this is supposed to be a large, I ordered a large coke.'  Well, she mumbled something, I could not understand what she said.  She shut the window."

Moments later, the employee returned with the correct size drink, but things were quite right... Graves goes on to say, "As I'm leaving the parking lot the Coke just starts to explode everywhere. It erupted like a darn volcano that's a science experiment that a kid would do. I'm on the phone, didn't know what the heck happened. My initial response was is it's spewing all over my brand new truck. I don't want Coke all over my truck. So, I grab it and I take a couple of gulps to stop it from foaming.  My initial impression was that it tasted like chlorine,"

After discovering what looked like a blue bleach pod, Graves did the smart thing and made a b-line for the nearest hospital. Doctors contacted McDonalds and confirmed that the only blue substances the fast food chain uses are blue latex gloves, and blue bleach pods.

Graves was treated for bleach poising, but managed to doge any serious injury. He has since filled a police report with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the investigation is ongoing. 

McDonald's has since issued a statement from the local franchise owner, saying, "Serving my customers safe, high-quality food and beverages is a top priority for me. We take this claim very seriously and are investigating the matter."