Rooster crowing

Credit: Getty Images/Dima

Maurice The Rooster Wins Frech Court Battle Against Neighbors

Justice for the rooster! There is no shutting Maurice up

September 9, 2019

Maurice, the famous rooster was used to a simple life in the chicken coop.  He never expected to be a national headline.

This famous rooster won the justice battle against his neighbors. Now he can happily sing and crow loud and proud without a worry.

The neighbors sued Maurice and his owner complaining on how the the bird sang too early and was not allowing his sleepy neighbors to rest.  They said Maurice was a nuisance.  The neighbors were asking for compensation.The Neighbors turned to the courts in 2017, with the intention to remove Maurice from the neighborhood.  The court battle lasted two years.

Thousands of people supported Maurice.  They even created a petition in his defense, and made T-shirts with clever sayings like, "Let me sing" found in local stores. Other roosters and their owners attended Maurice's court hearing to support and promote unity.

Maurice and his supportive crowd came on top winning the case battle.  The French court denied the neighbors reason and to top it off they will have to pay the judicial costs.

Via: Washigton Post