Car, Thief, Stealing

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Man Steals Date's Car, Proceeds To Take Another Woman Out

July 20, 2018

Ok, have you ever had a bad first date story worse than this?

Memphis woman Faith Pugh picked up Kelton Griffin one evening to go out for dinner.  Griffin asked if she could stop by a convenience store to pick him up a cigar.  When Pugh entered the store, Griffin took off.

Already, pretty bad first date.

Later on in the evening, Pugh received a text from a friend informing her that Griffin had just asked her out on a date!  He wanted to take her to a drive-in Pugh's car!

Pugh showed up with the police to the drive-in, and Griffin as arrested on the spot.

Now Griffin will have a third date to look forward to...a court date!

Via 6 ABC