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Man In Fort Worth Shamed On Billboard After Finishing Last In His Fantasy Football League

August 22, 2019

Everyone has a different tradition, some times it changes year to year, but almost every fantasy football league has something in store for the loser at the end of the season. 

Eric B. finished last in his fantasy league during the 2018 season, as punishment he had to take out a billboard sign letting the world know he's a loser. The billboard can be seen along the 800 block of Weatherford Street, east of downtown Forth Worth. The sign reads: 

“I suck at Fantasy Football. Last place LOSER 2018. Send advice to 214-506-3110”  

Eric told CBS DFW that he didn’t think he would be the guy who would lose. 

“Nobody thinks they’re going to be that guy. I had to design this thing myself. I guess that’s another part of my punishment.”

Eric said he’s been a good sport about the public embarrassment and is using it to motivate him this season. If that’s not good motivation then the price tag that comes with the billboard sure is. $1,200 for one billboard that will stay up for 30 days.