Guy Is Arrested After Dumping Tons Of Dirt Onto And Inside His Girlfriends Car

August 17, 2019

This is definitely not how you get back at girlfriend for showing up in someone else’s car.

Police in Florida arrested a man after it was reported that he dumped a massive amount of dirt onto and inside his girlfriend’s car.

According to Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office the man, 20-year-old Hunter Mills called his girlfriend to come out to an excavating company so the two could talk. Mills girlfriend showed up in a 2010 white Cadillac that didn't belong to her.

When Mills asked whose car it was and she refused to answer the question, he took a front-end loader and dumped tons of dirt onto the car. Unaware that the front window was open the front console, and air vents were filled with red dirt. 

Luckily no one was hurt; when police arrived on the scene they arrested Mills. He has been charged with felony criminal mischief.

Don't try this at home kids. 

Via: NBC New York