Eddie Van Halen

Credit: Imagn/© MCT

Man Asks Stranger To Take His Picture, The Stranger Was Eddie Van Halen

He had no idea it was the famed guitarist

October 23, 2019

Everyone has done this at least once in their lifetime, asked a random stranger to take their picture especially at special events.  A fan did just that at a Tool concert.  He asked a stranger to take his picture and to his luck that stranger just happened to be Eddie Van Halen. Whoa!

Van Halen and his son Wolfgang went to the Tool's concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday.  Eddie was approached by a man to take his picture as a memory of him at the show, but was clueless he was asking the famed guitarist for the favor.  Of course, Van Halen gladly accepted the favor and took the his picture.  Wolfgang captured the whole moment.

"A guy asked my dad if he could take a picture of him with the stage behind him, having no idea who he just asked. That was my favorite moment from the Tool show last night.”


Via: Louder