Lorde Apologizes To Fans For Disrespecting Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

April 6, 2018
Lorde Apologizes

Photo by Richard Lui/The Desert Sun via USA TODAY NETWORK

Singer Lorde is under fire after posting a picture on social media of a full bathtub with the caption "I will always love you." Almost immediately, fans called her out for it, seeing that it was a Whitney Houston song lyric. Of course, as we all know, Houston passed away in a hotel bathtub several years ago.

Lorde is now apologizing for the picture. She meant nothing by it other than she really likes taking baths. Not only did she remove the picture from her Instagram page, but she also issued an apology via her Instagram story. She said...

   "Extremely, extremely, poorly chosen quote. I'm so sorry for offending anyone - I hadn't even put this together. I was just excited to take a bath. I am an idiot. Love Whitney fore ever and ever. Sorry again."