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Little Girl Didn’t Know She Was Giving The Audience The Bird During Christmas Play

The little girl wasn't aware of what she was doing and just wanted to show her mom her boo-boo

December 16, 2019

All kids want to do when they get a boo-boo is show their parents. That’s exactly what this little 5-year-old wanted to do during her school's Christmas play. 

Ella Legge was dressed up like a Christmas angel for the school play, during the performance she held up her middle finger in front of her face. The play lasted 30 minutes and she held up her finger for about two-thirds of the show, at one point she threw up both of her hands.

Her mom, Carla Bovingdon told Kennedy News that her daughter was bothered by a hangnail and wanted to show her. Bovingdon said everyone in the audience noticed her daughter's hand gesture and had a good laugh about it. 

After the performance Carla posted a picture of her daughter showing audience members her middle finger on Twitter. 

Via: New York Post