Royalty Check Belonging To Kurt Cobain Uncovered At Seattle Music Store

The 28 Year Old Check Was For $26.57

September 2, 2019

Most people wouldn’t let a check go uncashed, regardless of the amount, but most people aren’t rock stars. A royalty check belonging to Kurt Cobain was recently uncovered at a Seattle music store. The check for $26.57 was found by the music store among a collection that was purchased in the 90’s.

Royalty check found at Easy Street today. #kurtcobain @nirvana This is dated 03/06/91, 6 months before #nevermind would change the face of the planet. We’re guessing the next royalty checks were a bit larger than only.... $26.57

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While $26.57 is a paltry amount compared to what Kurt Cobain made later in his career, the staff at Easy Street Records was still shocked when they came across the 28 year old royalty check. “We just found it … or should say noticed it. We looked through 'em a little, but just put 'em in storage. Seemed like every band in Seattle had tour itinerary books … wasn't uncommon to run across one," said Matt Vaughan, the owner of the music store.

The Chemical Bank check is made out to “Kurt D. Cobain” at an address near Olympia, and is dated 03/06/91. Among the collection of Cobain memorabilia was a money order payable to Cobain's landlord, one of the rocker's backstage passes, and a past-due doctor's bill. Cobain may not have chased this check, but luckily for the rock star, bigger checks were on the way.

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