Kevin Costner Drops Huge Secret, Says Whitney Houston Is Not In The Poster for “The Bodyguard”

June 23, 2019
Whitney Houston

Photo by Danielle Richards / Staff Whitney Houston

One of Whitney Houston’s brightest moments was when she starred in the hit movie ‘The Bodyguard.’

This entire time actor Kevin Costner has been keeping one pretty big secret. While sitting down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Costner revealed the iconic poster for ‘The Bodyguard’ the one that shows him carrying a woman, was not actually Whitney Houston. Apparently, Houston was done for the day and they used her body double instead, which is part the reason why you can’t see her face. 

"That wasn’t even Whitney actually, she had gone home and that was her double, and her head was buried into my shoulder, which was appropriate anyway. She was frightened."

Costner even revealed that Warner Bros. wanted to use a different picture for the poster because you couldn’t see either of their faces clearly. 

"They didn’t like it at first because you couldn’t see Whitney’s face and so they sent me like five mockups where they put her head on it where she’s looking out. I said 'Guys, I think we had it the first time.' And that ended up being the poster.”