Katy Perry

(Photo by Jenna Watson/IndyStar via USA TODAY)

Katy Perry Accidentally Wrote "I Need A Season Pass For That A$$" On Orlando Bloom's Instagram Post Instead Of Sending A Private Message

June 4, 2018

It looks like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are officially back together. Either that or Orlando is Katy Perry's booty call.

Over the weekend, Orlando Bloom posted a trailer for the play Killer Joe. Bloom plays Joe, a cop who was hired to kill a mother as a part of an insurance scheme.

None of that is important. It's what happened right after Bloom posted the trailer. His girlfriend Katy Perry accidentally made a comment that was intended for a private message. To quote Miss Perry...

"I need a season pass for that ass."

Which was promptly followed up by...

"Oops, I meant to send that to you privately."

TMI, @katyperry -- Katy “accidentally” left this comment on @orlandobloom’s latest pic --

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Here's Orlando's original tweet too, but you'll have to dig through the comments to find Katy's comments. 

#killerjoeplay @trafstudios when #life comes undone

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