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See Johnny Flynn’s Transformation Into David Bowie For New Biopic

The Actor Is Set To Play Bowie In The Upcoming Biopic, ‘Stardust’

August 20, 2019

The first step in any good biopic is making sure the actor looks the part. With all the music biopics that have come out recently, it was only a matter of time until David Bowie got the movie treatment. Now, the first photos of Johnny Flynn as Bowie in ‘Stardust’ have been released and fans are freaking out.

‘Stardust,’ the David Bowie biopic, was announced earlier this year, and even though the Bowie family has distanced themselves from the project, fans can’t believe the transformation Johnny Flynn made to become Bowie. In the photo, Flynn is seen dressed as a young David Bowie while smoking a cigarette. Along with his long blond locks, the character is accompanied by a purple turtleneck and black fedora.

The film is set to be released next year, but not without contention form the Bowie family. David Bowie’s son has already said “Pretty certain nobody has been granted music rights for ANY biopic… I would know.” Still, the project is moving forward and even if the movie doesn’t feature any David Bowie music, fans are still excited to get a glimpse into the early life of the iconic musician.