Boy Cutting His Hair

Photo By Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews The Little Boy Who Buzzed His Little Brother & Sisters Hair

April 17, 2019

It’s one thing to buzz your friend’s hair as a prank; it’s another to buzz all of your siblings’ hair just for the heck of it. Check out the viral video of the mom who found out her son had cut everyone’s hair below. 

Jimmy Kimmel wanted to get to the bottom of what happened and why this little boy from Texas buzzed not only his hair but also his little sister and brothers hair too. Jimmy sent a camera crew to the Plucknette family's house in San Antonio to do a live interview with them and all three children.

When Jimmy asked Freddy the oldest sibling who cut everyone’s hair why he did it he said, he saw his mom and dad shave the dog once. Check out the whole interview down below.