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Jeopardy! Champ James Holzhauer Finally Loses, Falls Just Shy Of All Time Record

June 3, 2019

What an impressive 33 episodes it has been. 

We’ve seen Jeopardy! go from a game show to TV drama all thanks to one contestant, James Holzhauer. After we saw him rake in a record amount of cash in just one episode, he’s had our eyes glued to the TV ever since. 

Now after playing over 30 games, Holzhauer's reign has come to an end. A leak from Monday's episode somehow made its way on to the Internet on Sunday night, revealing Holzhauer's demise. Over in Alabama new episodes of Jeopardy! start airing at 9:30 AM, so basically everyone knows how it all went down at this point. 

A librarian from Chicago named Emma Boettcher beat Holzhauer by $22,002. He was just shy of beating Ken Jennings all-time record by $58,484. James Holzhauer will still go down in Jeopardy history with the record of most money won during a single “Jeopardy!” episode. 

Holzhauer told the New York Times that despite losing he’s still proud of how he did. “Nobody likes to lose, but I’m very proud of how I did, and I really exceeded my own expectations for the show. So I don’t feel bad about it.”

Via: IndieWire