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Jeff Bezos Makes The Median Amazon Salary Every 10 Seconds

May 10, 2018

So, you might be wondering exactly how wealthy Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos really is.

Well, in the time it took you to read this headline, Bezos made nearly $28,000... According to MONEY, Bezos clears the media year's salary for an Amazon employee in just under nine seconds. The SEC confirmed that the media salary for an Amazon employee was $28,446 in 2017. Bezos did a little bit better than that last year, clearing $1.6 million.

Surprisingly that's actually fairly low for a fortune 500 company. But you have to remember, the guy owns nearly 80 million shares of Amazon stock, which is currently sitting pretty at about $1,600 per share. 

Now here's where things get really crazy... On January 1st Bezo's net worth was reported at $99 billion, by May 1st, it had jumped to $132 billion. If you do some quick math you can see that during that 4 moth period he made $275 million a day. That's $11.5 million per hour, around $191,000 per minute, or, if you really want to feel bad about yourself, $3,182 every second! 

These fun facts are thanks to a new federal rule, public companies are now required to disclose the salary ratio between executives and employees. As you might expect, this has lead to some pretty wild revelations about just how filthy rich the folks in the C suite really are.

Via Time