Ninja, Sword, Katana

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Japan Is Facing A Serious Problem: Their Ninja Population Is Diminishing

July 18, 2018

Japan is experiencing a shortage of ninjas.  Specifically, the small town of Iga, located about 40 miles southwest of Kyoto, which is having trouble finding performers for its annual ninja festival.

The job pays $85,000, but Iga's population is so small, festival organizers are having trouble filling all of the positions.  The town of 91,000 sees about 30,000 tourists visit each year for the five-week festivities.  Young people in Iga are leaving in droves for the big cities Tokyo and Yokohama, and combined with the town's extraordinarily low unemployment rate of 2.5%, the amount on ninjas is running thin.

Still, Iga's mayor Sakae Okamota, hopes they can still draw huge crowds year after year, with the ultimate goal of building a SECOND ninja museum.

Via Fox News