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The ‘It Chapter Two’ Adults Posed With The ‘It’ Kids, They All Look Incredibly Similar

Seeing Double at the ‘It Chapter Two’ premiere

August 27, 2019

‘It Chapter Two’ one of the most anticipated horror stories premiered on Monday.  The film takes place 27 years after the ‘It’ movie events.  The entire original cast and their middle aged counterparts were at the celebration of the horror sequel on Monday.

The actor pairings of the young and grown-up Losers stood side-by-side at the film premiere and their resemblance is uncanny. The actor’s resemblance to each other is incredibly similar.  They truly are one another’s doppelgangers. Besides their exact look alike apperance the cast unity and chemistry was also undeniable.

The ‘It Chapter Two’ film opens in theatres on September 6.

Source Via: Uproxx

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