How Do You Pronounce Crayon?

Cray-On, Crown, or Cran? What's The Correct Way To Say Crayon?

August 3, 2018

We have a new internet controversy! It's somewhat similar to the yanny / laurel or the dress controversy. Only this time, it deals with pronunciation.

How do you say crayon? Cray-on? Crown? Cran? It seems like a fairly simple question, however, no one says it the same way.

It's clearly Cray-ON. And just in case you need proof, Crayola actually has the answer posted on their FAQ page.

However, since the above picture was taken, it appears that Crayola has changed their tune. The company sites Webster's Dictionary with the pronunciation of "KrA on." But they've added an addendum about dialects. You can read that HERE.