Homeless Man Doesn't Ask For Money, He Gives Out Resumes, Receives Job Offers

August 2, 2018


David Cesarez, who moved to California from Texas, went homeless due to high cost of living in California.

He wanted to start his own company, but unfortunately, he ran out of money and had no where to live nor had transportation.

Despite his downfall, he got a poster and wrote "HOMELESS. HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS. TAKE A RESUME". 

"I wanted to keep my head up high, keep looking forward and see what opportunity would come next," he says. "I was thinking, you know, like this was like my last stop. If this didn't work, I'd go back home and give up my dream."

A fellow Twitter user who saw the man took a picture and posted it on her Twitter. The photo viral and he received hundreds and hundreds of job offers, which included Google and Pandora.

No matter how hard life hits you, there are many ways to pick youself up. Never give up your dream.


via IJR Red