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Here's A List Of The Cleanest Gas Station Restrooms In Each State

May 17, 2018

Road trips are awesome, but we can all agree there are some major downsides to cross-country adventures. Namely, the bathroom situation...

You never know exactly what you're getting yourself into when you pull over into a middle-of-nowhere rest stop. Luckily, GasBuddy has released a list of the highest rated gas station restrooms for each state. There's no guarantee of a clean restroom on the road, but this list should, at least, help you steer clear of the real disaster zones.

Alaska - Tesoro

Alabama - MAPCO

Arkansas - Kum & Go

Arizona - QuikTrip

California - Quik Stop

Colorado - Kum & Go

Connecticut - Cumberland Farms

Delaware - Wawa

Florida - Wawa

Georgia - QuikTrip

Iowa - Cenex

Idaho - Chevron

Illinois - Kelley's Market

Indiana - Casey's General Store

Kansas - QuikTrip

Kentucky - Pilot

Louisiana - RaceTrac

Massachusetts - Cumberland Farms

Maryland - Wawa

Maine - Irving

Michigan - Holiday

Minnesota - Kwik Trip

Missouri - QuikTrip

Mississippi - Marathon

Montana - Cenex

North Carolina - QuikTrip

North Dakota - Casey's General Store

Nebraska - Kum & Go

New Hampshire - Irving

New Jersey - Wawa

New Mexico - Chevron

Nevada - Maverik

New York - 7-Eleven

Ohio - Sheetz

Oklahoma  - QuikTrip

Oregon - Chevron

Pennsylvania  - Wawa

Rhode Island - Cumberland Farms

South Carolina - QuikTrip

South Dakota - Sinclair

Tennessee - Weigel's

Texas - Buc-ee's

Utah - Maverik

Virginia - Wawa

Vermont - Mobil

Washington - Mobil

Wisconsin - Kwik Trip

West Virginia - Sheetz

Wyoming - Maverik

Hawaii - Shell

Via GasBuddy