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[Video] Harrison Ford Says No One Should Play Indiana Jones After Him

The Actor Said “When I’m Gone, He’s Gone” When Asked About Possible Future Replacements

May 24, 2019

With all the reboots and remakes being created in Hollywood, it is only a matter of time before the world gets a new Indiana Jones. However, if Harrison Ford gets it his way, the character will die when he does. The actor recently sat down for an interview, and when asked about the next Indiana Jones, he declared, “I’m Indiana Jones.”

Harrison Ford won’t be around forever, and if it’s up to him, neither will Indiana Jones. The actor, never afraid to speak his mind, made sure to confirm his feelings about one of his most famous characters. He even shot down another actor rumored for the role saying, “This is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pine this. I’m sorry man!”

Chris Pine would be a fine choice, but Ford seemed to get his Chrises mixed up, as Disney is rumored to be favoring actor Chris Pratt to eventually replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Fans seemed to back Ford, as many turned to social media to declare their love for the actor and his iconic character.

'Indiana Jones 5' is currently going through rewrites as Harrison Ford is once again signed on to play the title character. The film is currently slated to be released by Disney in 2021.

Via Movie Web