Guy Dressed As Buddy The Elf Will Challenge You To A Pillow Fight In the Street

December 10, 2018
Family Pillow Fight

Photo By: Dreamstime

A guy dressed as an elf comes up to with a pillow and challenge’s you to a pillow fight, what do you do? 

Accept the challenge of course! 

As strange as the question may sound, it was a real-life situation that occurred. A guy dressed like a buddy the elf was going around the streets of Boston and challenging people to pillow fights.

The guy challenging people is firefighter Brendan Edward, who came up with the best way to spread holiday cheer. Edward posted a video of himself challenging strangers on to pillow fights. So far his video has been viewed over 250,000 times. They even had their own elf inspired pillow fight on Good Morning America.

Just about every person Edward threw a pillow at accepted the challenge; the only person to turn him down was working. Probably best not to have a pillow fight while on the job. 

Looks like Brendan did his job right, and help spread the joy of Christmas cheer. When was the last time you had a good old-fashioned pillow fight?

Check out his video below.

Via: Mashable