Bride's Brother Dons Wedding Dress And Surprises Groom For First Look Photo Shoot

July 17, 2018
Bride, Groom, Holding Hands, Close

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Val Zherelyev was understandably nervous on the day of his wedding.

His bride, Heidi, said, "He was a ball of nerves.  His palms were sweaty.  He was trembling."  Wanting to help her husband alleviate his nerves, Heidi harkened back to a prank conceived with her friend Chelsea.  For the first look photo shoot, rather than Heidi walking down to meet her husband, how about her brother Eric wearing Chelsea's old wedding dress instead?  

So that's exactly what they did, and thankfully, the wedding photographer was on hand to capture the entire, beautiful moment!

Heidi says Val became instantly more relaxed after seeing Eric in the dress.  She said, "He was already smiling when we did the actual first look.  We were able to have a very intimate, special moment because he wasn't so nervous."