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Giant Train Full Of Raw Sewage Has Sat In This Small Town For More Than Two Months

April 18, 2018

The quiet, dreamy town of Parrish, Alabama has quickly turned into a nightmare for its 982 residents. A little over two months ago a large train arrived from New York City. This particular train was filled to the brim with tons of human waste. 

Residents paid no mind at first, but after a few weeks, many began to wonder if the train would ever leave. To make matters worse, summer is quickly approaching and warmer temperatures means even stronger smells. That's not to say that the smell is at all bearable right now. Residents claim the smell is beyond terrible. One woman, who lives a half-mile from the railroad track, claims she has to put peppermint oil under her nose because the smell is so bad. 

The story behind this train is a little confusing, but basically a ban on dumping waste in the ocean forced disposal companies to turn their attention to landfills. Alabama is a perfect candidate for waste disposal due to their cheap land prices and loose zoning laws.

The train was originally bound for nearby West Jefferson, but officials there were able to file an injunction to keep the waste out of their town. The train then planned on diverting to the Big Sky landfill, but once the Jefferson filed the lawsuit, the train stopped in Parrish, which unfortunately lacks the zoning laws necessary to block the train.

 Via Chicago Tribune