George W Bush

(Photo by Jack Gruber-USA TODAY)

George W. Bush & Michelle Obama Share A BFF Moment During John McCain's Funeral

September 4, 2018

Yes! Yes! Yes! We have a new moment between George W. Bush and Michelle Obama to gush over!

It's no secret that W. and Michelle have a special relationship. While they may differ politically, the two just get each other. Over the course of their friendship, we've been lucky enough to witness some truly adorable moments between them. In fact, you might remember this one...

Well, over the weekend, both Michelle and W. attended John McCain's funeral. Of course they sat right next to each other and as always, the internet delighted. Apparently Michelle was in need of a cough drop to which W. answered the call. It's the cough drop pass heard 'round the world...

Seriously they are soooooooooo cute!