Flip Phone

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This Company Will Pay You $1,000 To Exchange Your Smartphone For A Flip Phone For A Week

June 7, 2019

When was the last time you used a flip phone? Better yet when was the last time you saw a flip phone. 

Frontier Bundles wants to exchange your smartphone that you use every day, for an old fashioned flip phone for a week. Is it weird to call a flip phone old fashioned? To make it worth your while, Frontier will pay you $1,000. 

The company wants to see how using a flip phone over a smartphone affects your daily productivity and sleep patterns. They’re looking for someone who is a “self-proclaimed smartphone fiend”, who is tech-aware and has an “active social presence or [is] willing to vlog their experience.” The rest of your requirements are listed below. 

"If you’re chosen, you’ll be responsible for using a flip phone in place of your smartphone for seven full days (that’s 168 hours!), and we want you to log your experience. We’ll have you track (don’t worry, your info stays safe with us!) how long it takes you to do basic tasks such as texting and checking email, how many times you wish you could Google something, how many hours you slept, how your productivity changed (or didn’t!), and even if you were late to appointments (after all, how does anyone get around without Google Maps?). Was your experience #TheWorstThingEver? Did you find new freedom? Either way, we want to hear about it."

Think you got what it takes? Apply HERE!

Via: Fast Company