Whataburger Drive Thru

Photo By Gabe Hernandez/Caller-Times via USA TODAY NETWORK

Group Of Friends Made A Whataburger Music Video Voicing Their Concerns Over The New Ownership

July 17, 2019

We all felt a little betrayed when Whataburger announced that they were selling a majority of the company to a Chicago investment firm. 

No one felt more betrayed than these three friends from Waco. Matt Upshaw, Cooper Bascom, and Seth Rasher wrote a song titled “Dear Whataburger” Their viral track voices their concerns over the fast-food chain being bought out. The group has since recorded a music video. 

Pretty sure the lyric “He won’t ever melt your patty like I do, don’t you ever think of touching that menu” sums up how we all feel. Their video has been viewed over 70,000 times, check out below. 

Via: Austin 360