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French Museum Discovers Half Their Paintings Are Fake

April 30, 2018

Experts recently discovered that more than half the works in a state-owned French art museum were actually forgeries. This has prompted wide spread concern that other public galleries could house an alarming number of fakes.

An art historian uncovered the massive scandal after noticing that a work supposedly by Etienne Terrus featured buildings which were constructed after the artist's death in 1922. Shortly after, experts discovered that 82 of the 140 works housed at the, Terrus museum, in Elne were, in fact, fakes.

Many of the fakes were purchased with municipal funds, while others were given by local groups who raised the money through donations. A small number of the forgeries were donated by private collectors.

French police have seized all of the fake works and are currently looking into their origins. Authorities believe that other museums dedicated to local French painters may also contain fakes. Due to the sheer number of fakes, authorities believe that the counterfeit paintings must be the work of a highly organized criminal network.

An unnamed source within the investigations claims, “We know there have been a lot of forgeries circulating and we believe a well organized network was behind this."

Via Telegraph