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Football Player Tackles Own Teammate Who Was Running Toward The Wrong End Zone

October 15, 2019

This guys classmates will probably remember him as the kid who ran in the wrong direction during a football game. 

On Friday night, a high school football team over in California pulled off quite the stunt, one that deserved to be shown on ESPN’s Not Top 10. 

The Fairfield Falcons intercepted a throw; the player who caught the ball immediately began running in the opposite direction. Before reaching the wrong end zone he was brought down by his own teammate. 

The player who tackled him, Kha’Ron Thrower posted a video of the play on Twitter. Thrower later revealed in another tweet that it was his teammate's first interception and that he was so excited to catch the ball that he just started running without hesitation.

The poor kid will probably never hear the end of it, check out the hilarious clip down below. 

Via: Yahoo Sports