Florida Woman Offers Her Car for Entire Stock of Necco Candy

April 12, 2018

Since Necco announced it is currently at risk for being shut down if it didn't find a buyer, fans everywhere have been "panic buying" the colorful, chalky wafers. The Massachusetts-based company originally made the announcement last month and also stated it could be laying off 395 workers. But this wasn't going to stop 23-year-old Katie Samuels from enjoying these wafers. Samuels says the candy was a part of her childhood. She would play "church" and would pretend to take Communion with the candy.  According to Boston Globe the Florida woman reached out to wholesaler Candy.com and offered her 2003 Honda Accord in exchange for their entire stock of Necco Wafers candy. While the deal didn't go through, Samuels was able to purchase four dozen rolls of these colorful wafers. 

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