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Fireworks Gender Reveal Party Goes Wrong; Fireworks Fire At Guests

July 19, 2018

From now on, let's maybe stick to balloons or hitting a little ball with a baseball bat.

A gender reveal party in Philadelphia went horribly wrong as the soon to be parents decided to shed all conventional methods of revealing the gender of their baby, and implement fireworks into their celebration.

This was their first and worst mistake.

They didn't secure the fireworks properly, so after the first few shot off, the rest became unstable and began firing off in every direction, including directly at their friends and family.

Luckily, nobody suffered any serious injury.  A party goer told NewsFlare, "My wife was filming with my phone and I immediately grabbed my son and covered his face and ran.  A few adults got hit but no serious injuries — just minor burns."

Balloons from now on, y'all.

Via Philly Voice