Cheetos Loving Squirrel Frequents Playground Waiting For Cheesy Snacks

Kevin, The Female Squirrel, Has Become Addicted To Cheetos And Goldfish

May 27, 2019

Cheetos are one of those addictive snacks that once you start, it’s hard to put the bag down. Apparently squirrels go through the same struggles. A squirrel that frequents a playground in Seattle is known for her love of Cheetos and Goldfish, and she even gets a little aggressive when she can’t get a hold of the cheesy snacks.

The female squirrel, who parkgoers often refer to as “Kevin,” is a frequent visitor to Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. People at the playground often feed the friendly squirrel, which has created a deep love of Cheetos and Goldfish for Kevin. Kevin can often be found cozying up to people at the park, in hopes of getting a cheesy treat.

According to one witness, “She’ll go through zippers, tear through backpacks, strollers, climb into the stroller…very dexterous.” While some parkgoers have found Kevin to be a bit aggressive, most frequent guests enjoy her presence. “It’s fun to have the opportunity to teach my grandchildren about animals and how to respect them,” said a grandmother that often brings her grandkids to the park.

While some guests of Discovery Park can’t seem to agree on if Kevin should be fed or not, it seems the Cheetos hungry squirrel is there to stay. She has grown a deep hunger for cheesy snacks, and she won’t be stopped!

Via Fox News