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Facebook Bug Can Secretly Turn On Your iPhone Camera

Bug is causing privacy issues

November 12, 2019

Looks like the Facebook iOS app has a pesky bug issue that is activating the iPhone camera in the background.  The bug was first brought to concern on Nov. 2 by Twitter user Neo QA, but went viral after user Joshua Maddux reported the privacy concern on Nov. 10. With video proof.

Maddux discovered the iOS camera would be on while scrolling through Facebook newsfeed.  He was able to verify the issue with 5 other different iphones with the most current iOS version 13.2.2, yet it was not an issue with phones not updated and still running on iOS 12.

Other users have also reported and posted their recordings on this issue.

Facebook has had past issues with privacy and security.  This is the following statement Facebook provided:



Via: Mashable