Chris McGrath / Staff

ESP Guitars Is Selling Five Custom Godzilla Guitars For $52,000

ESP Guitars Are Only Making Five Custom Godzilla Guitars

August 20, 2019

Godzilla has been featured on plenty of merchandising items over the years, but a new entry may be the most impressive, and by far the most expensive. Toho and ESP guitars have created a custom Godzilla guitar based on 2016’s ‘Shin Godzilla.’ The guitar has an Adler body shaped to look like the Godzilla, and cost a whopping $52,000.

The Godzilla guitar features a full body Godzilla, with its maple neck with 24 frets representing the tail. While the guitar has an awesome look, ESP couldn’t let it go with an awesome sound to match. The guitar is stocked with Floyd Rose bridge and EMG 85 pickup. It also comes with a switch on Godzilla’s foot that lights up the guitar.

While plenty of guitar playing, Godzilla obsessed fans would like to get their hands on this custom guitar, it won’t be easy. Not only is the custom Godzilla guitar priced at $52,000, but there are only five of them available. Also, they are only available in Japan, but at least getting this high priced guitar would be quite the journey. Now the only question is; when is the King Kong drum set coming out?

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