Dog on a smart phone

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Video Of Dog Setting Off Motion Sensor Security Camera Goes Viral

July 17, 2019

Do you know what the cutest alert you can get on your phone is? Your dog playing with the security camera when your not home. 

Joe Corsi got an alert from his in home security system letting him know something or someone was moving around in his house. When he opened the app and viewed the live feed he saw his dog Sasha moving around and sniffing the camera. 

Joe told Fox News that Sasha typically doesn’t mess with the camera. 

“She’s never set it off. We had to move the camera because she gets curious. The way she set off the motion, she must have bumped the camera with her snout.”

Joe later posted the video of Sasha setting off the motion sensor on Instagram; her cute video has since been viewed more than 20,000 times. Check out below.

So my dad just came into my room and said “Sasha you’re now viral!” After a few zoomy spins of excitement I calmed down and realized I have no idea what viral means, but my dad gave me a cookie so WOOO!!! VIRAL!!! #viral #germanshepherd #sashatheshepherd

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