Girls Night Over Spouses


Do Most Women Prefer To Spend Time With Best Friends Or Their Significant Other?

April 9, 2018

Independent reports a recent U.K. survey reveals 50% of women prefer spending time with their best friend, versus their husband.

Here are some reasons:

10. We have much more in common – 25%

9. She is less irritating – 26%

8. She offers better advice – 28%

7. We go back much further – 29%

6. I can truly be myself – 29%

5. We laugh until we cry – 39%

4. We enjoy the same things  – 41%

3. I can tell her things I could not tell my partner – 44%

2. She listens more – 45%

#1. We can talk about everything – 57%

There are more, which you'll see HERE.

In addition, 30% of women prefer having drinks with their friends and 60% say they have more fun if men aren't there.

Ladies! Do You Prefer Spending Time With Your Best Friend vs. Your Signficant Other?" If yes, why?