There's A Guy In DFW Who Produces 8-Track Tapes For Major Labels

And you thought vinyl was retro.

June 27, 2019

There are still people who think vinyl is old technology: even though it's had a resurgence.  Those people are going to love this: 8-track tapes have recently grown to have the same kind of appeal!

I was surprised to learn there's a guy who still produces 8-track tapes.  Even cooler, he produces them for major music labels: Sony Entertainment and Columbia Records.

His name is Nathan Brown, and he's the founder of Dead Media Tapes in Denton (he was originally out of Fort Worth).  One of his biggest orders was producing 1,000 8-track cassettes for a Swedish band.  The latest (and coolest) order: creating 40 8-track cassettes for Mark Ronson (of "Uptown Funk" fame).  Ronson's new album for Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia Records (the first for the major label in 30 years) is called Late Night Feelings, and it features Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus.  For further retro appeal, the album was also produced on MiniDisc and cassette.

Brown's in a good place now: finding his niche in the market.  However, if eight-track tapes get overly popular again, he could be out of the job: companies overseas could start manufacturing them in bulk again. 

There is another company in Arlington that produces 8-track tapes, too: Kate’s Track Shack.  Let's hope these two businesses have a nice long life!

Source: Dallas Observer

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