Photo Credit: David Ford/Getty Images

Photo Credit: David Ford/Getty Images

DFW Funeral Homes Reveal Their Most Requested Songs

There are DEFINITELY some surprises in here.

May 18, 2019

Our pals at The Dallas Observer took to the streets (local funeral homes, actually) to discover what people (dead and alive) request be played at their funerals.  To say the least, there were some unexpected results.

Here is what a couple of local funeral directors had to say:

Javier Hernandez, Ted Dickey Funeral Home (Plano): one of his most unusual was a '70s-themed funeral service: which he calls, "...a disco funeral."

Stephanie Hughes, Hughes Family Tribute Center (Dallas): more traditional music for the older recently passed; to the theme songs from Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Turtles for the tragically lost young.

They also noted that DFW's own MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine” and Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers" are also popular.

Source: Dallas Observer