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Demi Lovato Update: She's Stable, Friends Insist She Didn't Take Heroin, & She Refused To Tell Paramedics What She Was On

July 25, 2018

Texas' own Demi Lovato is in stable condition today after being found unconcious in her home on Tuesday in what was thought to be a heroin overdose.

As of right now, we don't know what Demi was taking. According to her friends, the singer was not on heroin. In fact, Demi herself refused to tell the paramedics any information.

As for her condition, we know that she's awake and responsive. Her aunt, Kerissa Dunn sent out a tweet yesterday with a brief update...

However, shortly after sending out the tweet, she deleted it.

Demi's guest appearance on Beat Shazam was also scheduled to air last night, but Fox opted to pull the show and air it on a later date.

As for criminal charges...there won't be any. No drugs were found at the scene.

We'll try to keep you updated as much as possible. Keep Demi and her family in your thoughts and prayers.