Adam Sandler and David Spade

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

David Spade Picked-Up Adam Sandler’s Tab One Night; Didn’t Realize It Was Over $9,000

July 31, 2019

Have you ever left a friend who you spot at a restaurant with your bill? Adam Sandler did once and it wasn’t a cheap meal either. 

While stopping by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, David Spade mentioned the time he picked up Adam Sandler’s bill at a restaurant. He told Jimmy Fallon that Adam had always picked up his tab in the past and wanted to repay the favor. 

What David didn’t realize was that Adam had racked up a bill worth $9,000. "The next day, Identity Guard calls me and says, 'someone stole your card, there was some $9,000 dinner last night.' I go, 'that was me.'" 

His excuse for paying Sandler’s bill was that he was a little buzzed. Check out the video below. 

Via: Delish