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Labradoodle Creator Says He Now Regrets Breeding The Two Dogs

September 27, 2019

Those Labradoodles sure are cute and are everywhere now. 

Where did the dog come from? In the ‘80s a blind woman was seeking a Seeing Eye dog, but her husband was allergic to Labradors. That’s when Wally Conron came up with the idea to breed a Labrador with a poodle. 

During a recent podcast, Conron said originally bred three pups and that the husband wasn’t allergic to one of the dogs. He sent the other two to the kennel where he worked. Soon after the kennel got the word out to the media and called the new breed a Labradoodle. 

"It was a gimmick. They were a crossbreed. Nobody wanted them, but everybody wanted a Labradoodle. Same dog, different name," 

Conron opened up about breeding the dogs and claims that he created Frankenstein’s monster. 

"I opened a Pandora's Box and released a Frankenstein monster. I realized what I had done within a matter of days. And I went to our big boss at the time and I said to him, 'Look, I've created a monster. We need to do something about it to control it. We need to put a patent on the name to stop people from getting on the bandwagon.'"