Conspiracy Theories Explain Why James Holzhauer Finally Lost On Jeopardy!

June 4, 2019
Jeopardy! Game Show

Photo by Jeopardy Productions via Getty Image

James Holzhauer won 32 straight games on ‘Jeopardy!’ and accumulated a total of $2,487,015. Holzhauer's legendary run came to an end on Monday night when Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher came out. 

During Final Jeopardy, Holzhauer placed an unusually small bet that led to his demise. Now after seeing how Holzhauer lost, many conspiracy theories have emerged on Twitter all stating that he threw the game. One theory claims that Holzhauer was getting homesick and that his daughter wanted him to come home. Others are just a bit outrageous, check out a few of them down below. 

What do you think? Did Holzhauer throw the game or did his luck just run out? 

Via: Uproxx