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[Video] Courteney Cox Tries To Teach Her ‘Friends’ Catchphrase To Children

The Actress Who Played Monica Posted A Video Of Her Trying To Get A Child To Say “I KNOW!”

August 5, 2019

‘Friends’ may be one of the most watched shows on Netflix, but Courteney Cox wants to make sure the next generation is carrying on the show’s legacy. The actress recently posted a video to her Instagram page, trying to teach her friend’s child how to perform her Monica Geller’s catchphrase, “I KNOW!” Based on the video, it seems the next generation has some work to do.


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Courteney Cox played Monica Geller for the entire ten season run of ‘Friends,’ and while the show has remained extremely popular thanks to streaming, it seems some of the younger fans may not be fully up to date on all the show references. In her video, Cox says “So I’m trying to pass on the legacy and teach the younger kids how to say ‘I know’ as Monica would. Let’s see how it goes.”

While Cox continued to try and get the young child to repeat her exactly, the child didn’t seem to understand the emphasis on the “know” part. It seems Courteney Cox may be as obsessed with the nostalgia of ‘Friends’ as the rest of the world. Still, no one can say her catchphrase quite like Monica.

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