Gender reveal cake

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The Internet Is Calling This The Worst Gender Reveal Party Yet

September 24, 2019

A couple from Central Texas has been getting a lot of heat for a video from their gender reveal party. 

On Saturday, Jonathan and Bridgette Joseph posted a live video from the Capital of Texas Zoo in Cedar Creek. The couple used ‘Tank’ the zoos 5-year-old Hippopotamus, to help reveal the gender of their baby. 

The zoo organized the party and gave the couple a watermelon filled with Jell-O to feed to Tank. Once Tank chomps down on the melon, the color inside would reveal the baby’s sex. 

A video from the party has since gone viral; Twitter users soon started leaving horrible comments, saying it was just awful for the hippo. According to zoo director Michael Hicks, workers give Tank Jell-O filled watermelon all the time.

“This is the same Jell-O people feed their kids. It’s totally harmless. You can’t make a hippo do anything. He weighs 4,000 pounds. He enjoyed it as much as anybody else did.” 

Maybe its time we just stop with these over the top gender reveal parties. 

Via: New York Post