This Couple Is Suing Their 30-Year-Old Son To Try And Get Him To Move Out

May 22, 2018
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A couple says they've run out of options after deciding to take their 30-year-old son to court. Mark and Christina Rotondo, from Camillus, New York, are fed up with their son, whose still living at home. The couple claims their son doesn't pay rent or help out around the house.

They've reportedly been trying to get rid of the unwelcome roommate for more than three months. They've even sent him five written eviction notices...

The Rotondo's tried to get their son, Micheal, evicted but because he's a family member they'll have to go through an ejectment proceeding. 

Michael is fighting the suit, acting as his own lawyer. He argues that his parents haven't provided him a proper reason for the eviction and have not given him enough time to find a new place to live.

Via Daily Mail